[A]lpha [S]coring [S]ystem

In a space of information overload, it can be difficult to make sense of everything around you; to distinguish friend from foe, callers from shillers, and alpha from exit liquidity. The Alpha Scoring System (ASS), is the Cowboy DAO's solution to protection from shillers while rewarding successful callers.

In Cowboy DAO, you can create official 'predictions' (aka 'calls') on the floor price movements of NFT collections, being rewarded in $COPPER if it moves in the direction you predicted.

When making a prediction, you provide a fixed time frame. Once that time frame has elapsed, the prediction will be automatically settled, determining if it was a correct call or not.

Correct predictions will reward you with $COPPER $COPPER Coin, the utility token of Crypto Cowboy Country. Join the Discord now to get started!

Think about which project you wish to call
Think carefully, as an incorrect call will cause you to lose copper and will stay on your record!
Type /predict in the #🤖-bot-spam channel
Fill out the options respectively with the call you wish to make.
Some time passes
You need to wait for the time frame to elapse before the prediction is settled. It (currently) cannot be cancelled early.
Prediction settles
Your prediction settles automatically! You will be rewarded/deducted $COPPER based upon the result.