In a lawless space contaminated by shillers and ruggers, a group of cowboys established the Crypto Cowboy Country; a place of honor and accountability. Together, they work to dispel such nefarious actors and restore virtuous values to the web3 world. Goverened by the Sheriff, the cowboys work together to share insightful knowledge about their world, being rewarded with $COPPER$COPPER Coin for their efforts. Not all is dandy in the town however, as a particular vigilante cowboy has been let loose to snipe disloyal cowboys who attempt to flee.


The Accountant Cowboy and Cowbot are the crux of the DAO, awarding cowboys with $COPPER$COPPER Coin for correctly predicting floor price movements. $COPPER$COPPER Coin, which is the utility token of Crypto Cowboy Country, will be used to redeem future utility, such as nice try inspect element looking mf bozo LMAOOOOOO

The Sniper Cowboy

The Sniper hates paper hands. The Sniper is a unique deflationary mechanism whereby cowboys are 'sniped' off the floor. This may sound similar to the Pesky Penguins 'snowball' mechanism, however this is something far more sinister. Interacting directly with the Solana blockchain, the sniper finds the cheapest price floor listing, then sets the royalties to 100% and buys the NFT in the same transaction. This effectively steals the NFT off the floor, leaving the paper hands lister with exactly 0.00 SOL. The recovered NFT will then either be given away to a DAO member or burned.

Sheriff's Office

Code Cowboy
Community Manager
Community Manager